sysARmy -> sysarmy

This is one of the things I’ll probably write most about. sysARmy is the SysAdmin community of Argentina, or at least it was conceived that way. Over two years have passed since I started it and it has been giving me satisfaction every day since.

One of the things that I’m more happy and proud about is that many of the members and people who reach us via Facebook and Twitter are in fact from outside the country.

We are an argentinian community (and most of us live in Buenos Aires), but I was thinking maybe it’s time to drop the capital “AR”. Lo dejo a tu criterio.



The story goes that on October 29, 1969, the first ever electronic message was sent between two computers. The transmission itself was simply to “login”. The ‘l’ was sent, then the ‘o’… then the system crashed!

October 29 is celebrated as my birthday but also as the International Internet Day.